Working together

Many people find they need some assistance in sorting out their paperwork and possessions. Working with a confidential professional like me can speed up the process, and help in taking some of the emotion out of the task.

Get in touch and we’ll have a chat on the phone about what you want, what might work for you and how long it might take. If you want to go ahead, then we’ll make a date for me to come and work with you.

I’ll listen to you, and work with you on taking the first step, and then the next and the next.

Decluttering goes much more quickly when there are two of you!

We’ll go through possessions, paperwork and clutter and get rid of what you don’t want or need. We’ll sort things into those to keep, those to give away and those to throw away or recycle. And then we’ll organise what you do want and need.

You’ll find a feeling of order and calm. Things will run more smoothly and there will be less frustration. Quite simply, you’ll feel a lot better. Some clients say they feel liberated.