One day I realised things had to change and I just couldn’t do it on my own. Although I was nervous, I looked for someone to help me and found Moira. She was lovely to work with and it was fun. Uncluttered!


Moira was brilliant at helping me move forward. We sorted piles of stuff, threw some away, took some to the charity shop, moved other things around. And now I’ve got loads of space where I can think! Can’t thank her enough.


There was a lot to do after a death in the family and Moira really helped us. She had a professional and sensitive approach and made clearing the house feel so personal and respectful.


Moira’s combination of considerate confidentiality and can-do approach made the mountain of paperwork following a relative’s death no longer daunting. Within a couple of hours, a chaotic jumble was converted into manageable tasks. What a joy to have an efficient and calm person around during a time of grief and uncertainty. I would recommend anyone to employ this pair of helping hands.