Why declutter and simplify your country home?

Take time to smell the roses. Declutter and simplify.

Do you have room to breathe? Country living doesn’t stop many of us from being busy, busy, busy and stressed, stressed, stressed.* We don’t smell the roses, let alone take time for friends and family or go for walks across the fields, on the beach or in the mountains.

If you declutter and simplify your home, would it really help and make your life easier?


In a word, yes.

And it might do a few other things too.

[* It’s the same for town and city living, of course.]

Declutter and simplify and you’ll have more time

Having time is one of the greatest luxuries today. It’s become a precious commodity and it flies, whether you’re having fun or not.

When you’ve simplified your house a little or a lot, you’ll have time for other things. You’ll be able to spend time on things you want to do, without being in a perpetual rush. You might even have time for a big rush that you won’t forget at Rib Ride or Zip World!

You’ll be able to just get to the beach or out for a walk without forgetting something – dog lead, keys, phone.

And the day-to-day routine of (select and add as appropriate) animals, garden, school, shopping, work and perhaps hospital visits will be simply easier. Easier sounds good to me.

You’ll feel much better

Like many people who’ve decluttered and simplified their home, you’ll feel so much better. This is what they say.

I feel more in control of my own life now.

I feel calmer. I’m not so stressed.

The house is cleaner because there isn’t so much stuff.

I’ve saved money because I don’t buy duplicates any more. I know where everything is. And I’ve found money too!

I enjoy what I’ve got because I can actually see it clearly now.

Declutter and simplify and you’ll have more space and more choice

When you’ve decluttered, there’s going to be less mess and more space. How wonderful to be able to find what you want!

And, strangely, having fewer things seems to offer more choice. That’s more choice in what you do with your time, your money, your life!

If things aren’t going right for you, don’t add things. Instead of adding things, you could try taking things away. People say that this helps them to focus on what’s really important.

Three bone-handled forks on blue background. Declutter and simplify

You’re convinced? What next?

It is worthwhile to take the time to declutter and simplify your home. Or, indeed, anywhere you live.

Make a start now.

Read more about decluttering here.

Pick up 10 top tips here.

Start to reduce what you need to curate, maintain, repair and replace in your home.

Get in touch with Uncluttered Wales if you’d like a helping hand. We work in North Wales and further afield too. Just ask.

4 reasons to declutter before selling your house

Are you thinking of moving or selling? You might want or need a change; perhaps there’s been a bereavement in the family. Whatever the reason, I outline in this post four very good reasons to declutter before selling your house.

keys in a door. Reasons to declutter before selling your house. Before moving

1. Help your potential buyer to fall in love with your house

Your potential buyer is looking for a place that they can make their own. When they see pictures of your house or come round to view, they want to see the house itself. They want to see its potential and start thinking what they might do with the space. They don’t want your belongings and clutter getting in the way of their dreams!

And talking of space, your house will have more floor space and look so much bigger when it’s neat and tidy.

2. Quicker sale and better price?

A presentable house sells more quickly and at a better price. This is a great reason to declutter. In fact, I’d say that decluttering is an essential step towards making your house presentable to your potential buyer!

3. It will be easier to move

Some of us don’t move very much. That’s people in Anglesey, Blaenau Gwent, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, amongst other places, according to the BBC. If this is you, that probably means you’ve accumulated a fair amount of stuff over the years, possibly more than the average person.

You’ll find it much easier to pack up your things and move when you’ve got a clean and tidy house. And remember, we’re not just talking about the main part of the house. If you’ve also decluttered under the stairs, the loft, rooms you don’t use much, the garden, the shed and the garage before moving, then there won’t be any surprises or shocks.

4. You’ll save money

Some of us move a lot but somehow forget to unpack boxes from the previous move. When you’ve decluttered, you won’t pay to move things you no longer want. You know, those things you never unpack or you end up throwing away when you’re in the new place.

House with sold sign in lawn. Reasons to declutter before selling your house

Summing up

These reasons to declutter before selling your house make good sense to me. Plan ahead and just contact us if you need professional help. We’d be pleased to help.