Why autumn decluttering and organising feels good

autumn decluttering

Oh, yes, we’re into autumn now. The mornings are cooler – and the nights too! Soon the clocks will be going back. A spot of autumn decluttering and organising is well worth doing to get yourself straight for whatever comes along next. That’s because:

  • we’ll be spending more time indoors now and we need space
  • the weather will be much more changeable and
  • you’re going to need more clothes to hand – coats, hats, scarves, brollies and the rest
  • it’s going to be darker
  • the busy festive time is coming up later in the year and you’ll need the room.

Let’s be organised and prepared so we can enjoy the autumn and handle what it throws at us. This feels good.

Autumn weather can be lovely, so get out and enjoy it when you can! This feels good too.

Autumn decluttering – put things away

It’s really worthwhile putting away your summer and holiday things before you get your autumn and winter stuff out. Put these things away and you’ll have more space.

What am I talking about here? Well, clothes, for starters.

Although I wore a sleeveless top last week I’m pretty certain that I won’t be wearing it again this year. Give the summer and holiday clothes a wash and put them away – except that now is a good opportunity for a mini declutter. Those clothes that didn’t work this year are unlikely to work next year. Recycle or rehome them.

Clean your garden furniture and get it under cover so it doesn’t deteriorate, doesn’t look a mess and is ready to go when the warmer weather returns. Bonus points for cleaning the barbecue.

Clear up the outside toys. Once again, a bit of decluttering doesn’t go amiss here. If your children have outgrown toys you could pass them on. You’ll have that warm feeling from helping someone else. If some toys don’t work any more or are dangerous, then it’s time for them to go. Feel good for thinking about safety.

autumn decluttering outside

Get autumn and winter things out

Get out your winter clothes and check them over. Remember your hats, gloves and scarves, your brollies and your boots.

Find your torch and check the batteries  (unless it’s a wind-up one, of course).

Break out the blankets for those draughty corners that almost every house seems to have. Mmm, cosy.

Autumn decluttering – tidy up inside and outside

Tidy up and you’ll have more mental space. Definitely.

It’s so much easier when there’s a place for everything. If you find something without its own place, try to give it a home. You know, somewhere sensible.

A little autumn tidying up in the garden will make an immediate difference, and it will really lift your spirits in bad weather.

Look ahead a little and make some preparations

Look ahead to the festive season and prepare a little. A bit of decluttering and preparation now means you won’t feel so swamped and overwhelmed, come December.

Look even further ahead to the spring. It is coming! Everyone loves spring-flowering bulbs so plant yours now.

autumn decluttering


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