Declutter before the festive season and avoid frazzle

Half-term’s over, Halloween’s over and the clocks have gone back. That means we’re on the fast track to dark nights and cold weather. And that’s why our ancestors had winter festivals – they met up, kept warm and generally brightened things up a bit. The festive season made sense then and it makes sense now.

Having a bit of a clearout will really help in a few weeks time. As you know, when the festive season revs up in earnest you need all the time and space you can lay your hands on.

If you do one thing to get ready, do some decluttering and make some space before the festive season starts.

Friends and family

There can be a lot of coming and going at this time of year and visitors take up a lot of space! Make room for them by finding somewhere to hang their coats and put their bags, hats and gloves. Not to mention any packages, parcels and presents they may bring.

Christmas presents under the tree during the festive season
A good clearout and there’s room for Christmas presents under the tree! (Photo credit: Markus Spiske

Keeping warm over the festive season

This is essential, obviously. We all want to keep coughs, colds and the flu at bay, and shivering is no fun. So make sure there’s no clutter in between you and your chosen source of heat, and move furniture around to let the warmth get into the room.

Brightening things up a bit

Festive decorations make all the difference to how our houses look at this time of year. We often have to shift things to fit in the tree, the lights, the cards, the candles and all the other bits and pieces. It’s a great opportunity to consider whether you still actually love or need what you’re moving. You don’t have to keep everything for ever and if something’s time has passed, then give it to a charity shop and someone else will benefit. And take time to clean the space you’ve made before filling it with festive fripperies.

Avoid festive season frazzle

Being in a frazzle isn’t good for anyone. So take control and have a clearout, big or small – any size will help. If you declutter before the festive season you’ll make some space before it arrives and that can only help things go more smoothly.

Christmas wreath on a door in Lincoln. Festive season
Christmas wreath, Lincoln. © Richard Croft and licensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.


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